Benefits of QMSuite®

Reduced Costs:

  • Combines Data Collection, Storage, and Reporting into one software package.
  • User-friendly software eliminates the need to purchase and learn separate database and reporting software.
  • User can easily configure data collection requirements for their application without the expense of developing a custom software solution.
  • Problems can be easily and quickly identified, allowing the user to focus on continuous improvement activities.
  • Eliminates the need to transfer data from paper to electronic databases, by providing a completely electronic/networked system.


Eliminates Errors:

  • Eliminate incomplete inspections by specifying items as required entries.
  • Improved accuracy and consistency of data.
  • Eliminates illegible handwriting on paper-based forms.
  • Work Instructions and Specifications can be viewed by the Inspector at the point-of-inspection as text, video and/or images


Easy to Use:

  • Inspectors/Auditors can quickly record detailed results.
  • Menu-driven user-interfaces simplifies data analysis and reporting and does not require programming.


Statistical Data Analysis Methodologies:

  • Drill-down Root Cause Analysis capability.
  • Easily compare and trend data using tools such as Pareto and Control charts.
  • Facilitates Lean/Six Sigma Methodologies.