The QMConfigure Module allows the Quality Control Supervisor/Engineer to define the requirements for an inspection/audit. They can define what type of information will be collected and how the data will be entered by the Inspector/Auditor. The Inspection requirements can be different or the same for each inspection or part being inspected. The inspection requirements are then downloaded to the individual QMInspect Modules.


The QC Engineer can define the following for an inspection/audit form:

  • General Information
    (e.g., shift, shop area, operator, etc.)
  • Characteristics/Features/Attributes to be inspected,
    (e.g., visual characteristics, physical measurements, etc.)
  • The Metric(s) by which a Characteristics will be judged. The following are types of Metrics that can be used:
    • Alpha-Numeric
    • Numeric with validation limits,
    • Selection Lists,
    • Check Box Entries (i.e., multiple item selection)
    • Radio Button Entry (i.e., single item selection)
    • Date/Time,
    • Barcode, and
    • Digital Handwritten Signature.
  • Images for Characteristics that will assist the Inspector/Auditor.
  • Work Instructions and Specifications.
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