The QMReports module is used by engineers and managers to analyze and report the results through a user-friendly interface. The inspection results are accessed from the QMSuite Database for analysis and reporting.


Features of the QMReports Module include:

  • Flexible filtering and sorting tools allow the user to quickly analyze data as a function of the following.
    • Date (year, month, week, day)
    • Plant
    • Department
    • Inspection method
    • Part or form number
    • Serial number
    • Inspector, etc.
  • Data sorting and filtering operations can be saved as report templates and reused for recurring reports.
  • Data can be displayed via graphs, tables, or a combination of both.
  • Data can also be exported to a variety of file formats, including PDF, HTML, and CSV (Comma-delimited)
  • Users can easily customize the format of the reports by
    • adding a graphic to the header (e.g., a company logo),
    • adding text to the footer (e.g., a proprietary statement),
    • changing report titles and table labels,
    • changing the graph and axis labels,
    • including data filtering information,
    • specifying the author of the report,
    • displaying the date of the report, and
    • displaying page numbers.
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