Features of QMSuite®

  • The QC Engineer can define the following for an inspection/audit:
    • General Information
      (e.g., shift, shop area, operator, etc.)
    • Characteristics/Features/Attributes to be inspected,
      (e.g., visual characteristics, physical measurements, etc.)
    • The Metric(s) by which a Characteristics will be judged
      (e.g., is the result a number, or selected from a list, or multiple selection, etc.)
    • Images for Characteristics that will assist the Inspector/Auditor
    • Work Instructions and Specifications.
  • Inspection data can be collected using Tablet PC’s, industrial workstations and/or desktop computers.
  • Inspection data can be either continuously or periodically transferred to a central database using existing wired or wireless networks.
  • Entry of inspection data is controlled and traceable to an Inspector/Auditor by their secure, password.
  • Data can be collected for batch-type or continuous inspections.
  • Digital files (e.g., photos, measurement machine data, digital radiographs, etc.) can be attached to an inspection.
  • Inspection reports can be printed by the Inspector/Auditor.
  • Data can be quickly analyzed using a variety of tools, such as Pareto Charts, to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.
  • Data Analysis/Reporting Templates (e.g., Macros) can be easily saved and reused for reoccurring reports.
  • Report formats are user-customizable, including chart types, chart labels, and header and footer information.
  • Reports can be saved as PDF, HTML or CSV formats.
  • Raw data can be exported for use in other software packages.