Companies that use QMSuite can realize many benefits, including:

  • Reduction Costs associated with developing a custom software solution,
  • Reduced Manufacturing Costs by quickly identifying improvement opportunities.
  • Improved Quality by reducing the effort to identify problems and focusing on improvements,
  • Elimination of data collection errors which result from paper-based forms.


The following are just a few of the many features of QMSuite:

  • The ability to collect data electronically eliminates the many issues associated with paper-based forms including; data entry errors, incomplete and inconsistent data, data must be reentered in order to analyze the results, and time lag between inspection and analysis.
  • The QC Engineer can define the following for an inspection/audit without the need of custom software development.
  • The user can customize the terminology used in QMSuite,
  • Data can be quickly analyzed using a variety of tools, such as Pareto Charts, to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.


QMSuite can be configured in two main ways:

  • Enterprise Configuration - The Enterprise Configuration is a networked system which has the QMSuite Database installed on a network server. An unlimited number of QMConfigure, QMInspect, and QMReport Modules can access the QMSuite Database.
  • Local Configuration -- The Local Configuration has the QMSuite Database, and QMConfigure, and QMReport Modules installed on a single desktop PC. An unlimited number of QMInspect Modules can access the QMSuite Database.